Technical Rider Rivan & the Plaids



 Rivan (Vocals, Guitar, Bodhran) Silvia (Violine, Vocals) Shian (Whistles, Bagpipes, Percussion, Vocals) Elzear ( Bass, Gitarre, Vocals)


Own Equipment (we bring): -3x Mic for Vocals (SM58) -1x Condenser


Mic (AKG1000) -1x Condenser Mic small (for instruments) -Instruments (4x Guitar, Drum, Percussion, Whistles, Bagpipe)


Equipment we need: -1x Mixer (min 8 channels with EQ, 2 channel monitoring,


phantom power -48 V-, effect channel) + wiring -6x XLR Mic cables -6x microfone stands -1x note stand (Notstand) -Multi Effect Device (Reverb) + wiring -Compressor + wiring -Stereo PA + wiring -2x Monitor Box (active or with seperate Amp) + wiring -Fog Machine (for stages)


Candels, Light (Yello, Red, Blue)